It began many years ago with a chance reading of a paragraph in a theatre history textbook and should have ended with my dissertation, but Marlowe is stronger. For decades it has been a kind of hobbyhorse (Some would call it more of an obsession.) to study the life and work of Christopher Marlowe. While I meet many like-minded people in the Anglo-American world, I am quite alone in this country. I have no problem with that, but Marlowe would benefit from some focused attention. In German, apart from a few articles, there is neither a biography nor a translation of Marlowe’s complete oeuvre. It is somehow worrying that the first Faust drama in world literature is as unknown to most people in the German language as the author himself.

Originally this was planned as a wiki (hence "Marlowepedia"), but I couldn’t get to grips with the software for that, so I’m using WordPress, deliberately avoiding anything that might suck up data, i.e. the website is pretty minimalist. The share buttons at the end of the posts comply with the requirements of the GDPR – Directive (EU) 2016/679. Beyond that, there are no accompanying social media presences. Even if I wanted to, I can’t think of what I should post regularly about Marlowe on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the like. I am of course open to suggestions in this regard.

Currently, only one person takes care of the content and technical side of the project, which is purely a hobby. The basis for this is my dissertation. Some texts are taken verbatim from it, but are not specifically marked as such. Otherwise, the text and image citations used comply with the rules of scientific citation and fulfil a documentary function. And yes, with the exception of a few images, everything here is subject to copyright protection.

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