That’s my poor haul of websites where other people are engaging with Christopher Marlowe. Anyone who thinks an important link is missing here, please get in touch.

Marlowe Society

The world is indeed big enough for two Marlowe societies.

The Marlowe Society was founded in England in 1955.

The Marlowe Society of America is the US equivalent. It maintains the Marlowe Bibliography Online, which should be updated twice a year.

General information

The Kit Marlowe Project is a digital platform that offers students the opportunity to create an open-source interdisciplinary collection on the life and work of Christopher Marlowe. A very ambitious, visually appealing undertaking that currently lacks some content.

Editions of works

To date, no critical, annotated complete edition of Marlowe’s works exists. The closest possible approximation to this endeavour is probably the Oxford edition, which has a few years under its belt. For Doctor Faustus, Walter Wilson Greg’s parallel edition of both versions from 1950 is still the best reference work. Inexpensive and handy for the dramas is the current edition of The Complete Plays from Penguin Classics. In single edition (paperback), the dramas in the Revels Plays series are recommended.

Online, Peter Lukacs' website is currently the best place to go for Marlowe’s drama texts. He has annotated numerous English Renaissance dramas and thankfully published them in a printer-friendly format.

The Perseus Digital Library, a project of Tufts University, makes Marlowe’s works available online.

At Luminarium there is a collection of different editions of the works.

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