The name "Marlowepedia" came about in the initial phase of the project because it was originally intended to go online as a wiki. The software is different, but the principle is the same (interlinked individual pages). The left column of the page contains a search field and various categories to which the individual posts are assigned.

  • Biography: apart from the obvious, this includes everything to do with Christoper Marlowe’s life and background.
  • Works: this is probably self-explanatory.
  • Reception: explains how Christopher Marlowe and his work have been viewed since his death.
  • Dramatis personae: is a listing of all the drama characters created by Christopher Marlowe.
  • Persons: contains short biographies as far as they are relevant to Christopher Marlowe.
  • Mythography: is devoted to the myths, half-truths and misinformation about Christopher Marlowe that have accumulated over the centuries and hopefully dispels them once and for all.

Any confusion regarding the dates is remedied here.

The detail of the contributions is limited to their relevance to Marlowe. For example, under Canterbury you will not find a study of the history of the city, but a description of what it looked like in Marlowe’s time.
At the end of each article are the footnotes and the bibliographic data of the literature used, if these are not already included in the bibliography. Some posts do not yet exist and others are a little short or not quite finished. The condition will improve over time (I hope), but as I said, this is only a hobby and sometimes I prefer to do something else. Unless otherwise stated, all posts were written by me. All text and image citations used are identified, comply with the rules of scientific citation and fulfil a documentary function.

I am happy to receive suggestions, proposals for improvement, tips on errors, constructive criticism, etc. via e-mail at any time.

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