Autor: Gray, Erik

Titel: Come Be My Love: The Song of Songs, Paradise Lost , and the Tradition of the Invitation Poem

Zeitschrift: Publications of the Modern Language Association

Jahr: 2013

Band: 128

Nummer: 2

Seiten: 370–385


Autor: Heninger, S. K. [JR.]

Titel: The Passionate Shepherd and the Philosophical Nymph

Zeitschrift: Renaissance Papers

Jahr: 1962

Seiten: 63–70

Autor: Hester, M. Thomas

Titel: 'Like a Spyed Spie': Donne's Baiting of Marlowe

Werk: Literary Circles and Cultural Communities in Renaissance England

Herausgeber: Summers, Claude J.; Pebworth, Ted-Larry

Jahr: 2010

Seiten: 24–43

Ort: Columbia

Verlag: University of Missouri Press

ISBN: 0826264050

Autor: Huth, Kimberly

Titel: Come Live With Me and Feed My Sheep: Invitation, Ownership, and Belonging in Early Modern Pastoral Literature

Zeitschrift: Studies in Philology

Jahr: 2011

Band: 108

Nummer: 1

Seiten: 44–69


Autor: Jordan, Joseph P.

Titel: A Possible Allusion to Marlowe's 'Song' ('Come Live with Me and Be My Love') In Herrick's 'to A Rose. Song'

Zeitschrift: Notes and Queries

Jahr: 2018

Band: 65

Nummer: 2

Seiten: 201–202


Autor: Kirchdorfer, Ulf

Titel: William Faulkner Does Christopher Marlowe: Textual Similarities of Courtship in A Rose for Emily and The Passionate Shepherd to his Love

Zeitschrift: Explicator

Jahr: 2014

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Nummer: 4

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Autor: Lawless, Donald

Titel: Another Shakespearian Allusion to Marlowe

Zeitschrift: Notes and Queries

Jahr: 1978

Band: 223

Nummer: 2

Seiten: 137

Autor: Leiter, Louis H.

Titel: Deification Through Love: Marlowe's "The Passionate Shepherd to His Love"

Zeitschrift: College English

Jahr: 1966

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Nummer: 6

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Autor: Low, Anthony

Titel: 'The Compleat Angler's Baite': The Subverter Subverted

Zeitschrift: John Donne Journal

Jahr: 1985

Band: 4

Nummer: 1

Seiten: 1–12

Autor: Makurenkova, Svetlana

Titel: Intertextual Correspondence: The Pastoral in Marlowe, Raleigh, Shakespeare, and Donne

Werk: Russian Essays on Shakespeare and his Contemporaries

Herausgeber: Parfenov, Aleksandr Tichonovič; Price, Joseph G.

Reihe: International studies in Shakespeare and his contemporaries

Jahr: 1998

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Ort: Newark

Verlag: University of Delaware Press

ISBN: 0874136199