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Zeitschrift: Colby Quarterly

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Zeitschrift: English Studies

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Titel: Marlowe's Doctor Faustus and the English Faust Book

Werk: Lives of Faust

Herausgeber: Fitzsimmons, Lorna

Reihe: De Gruyter textbook

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Verlag: Walter de Gruyter & Co

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Titel: 'Read, Read the Scriptures': Doctor Faustus and the Retreat from Humanism

Zeitschrift: Aligarh Critical Miscellany

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Titel: How Plot and Sub-Plot Unite in Marlowe's Faustus

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Zeitschrift: Connotations

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Autor: Yas, Khalid Ahmad; Termizi, Arbaayah Ali; Talif, Rosli; Kaur, Hardev

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